Small subsystem representing the northern part of the Norwegian power system network


The AKD test system represents a small transmission grid that is provided by Statnett, the Norwegian Transmission System Operator. The grid represents a subsystem of the Norwegian power network, located in the northern part of the country.

The system is composed of seven buses, six machines and one load center.

The model underwent a software-to-software validation procedure against the PSSE model counterpart. The validation procedure assessed the behavior of the system after different disturbances that were applied to the system.

This package contains three sub-packages:

Extends from Modelica.Icons.ExamplesPackage (Icon for packages containing runnable examples).

Package Content

Name Description
OpenIPSL.Examples.AKD.Components Components Set of generation unit models
OpenIPSL.Examples.AKD.System System Power system model for simulation
OpenIPSL.Examples.AKD.Data Data Package with power flow data records for model initialization
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