Package for electrical models used in this library


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Package Content

Name Description
OpenIPSL.Electrical.SystemBase SystemBase System Base Definition
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Controls Controls Models that represent controllers used in machines such as exciters, stabilizers and governors, for example
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Banks Banks Models representing shunt devices that compensate reactive power
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Branches Branches Models that represent devices that connect two or more buses such as transformers and power lines
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Buses Buses Models that represent electrical nodes of a circuit
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Events Events Models that can be used for the representation of events in a power system such as three-phase faults
OpenIPSL.Electrical.FACTS FACTS Models that represent devices used in the Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) paradigm
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Loads Loads Models that represent various types of loads in a power system
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Machines Machines Models that represent the rotating electrical machines connected to a power system such as generators and motors
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Sensors Sensors Models that can represent sensors used in a real power system
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Solar Solar Models that represent photovoltaic solar cells and their interface to the grid
OpenIPSL.Electrical.ThreePhase ThreePhase Package with three-phase and hybrid positive-sequence/three-phase models
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Wind Wind Models that represent wind generators and their controls
OpenIPSL.Electrical.Essentials Essentials Contains models that can be extended for purposes of initialization with power flow results

OpenIPSL.Electrical.SystemBase OpenIPSL.Electrical.SystemBase

System Base Definition


S_bSystem base [VA]
fnSystem frequency [Hz]
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