Package with three-phase and hybrid positive-sequence/three-phase models


This package contains three-phase models that can be used to create systems where unbalance plays an important role. Distribution and sub-transmission systems are candidates.

Three-phase systems can be easily connected to equivalent positive-sequence systems by using hybrid positive-sequence/three-phase devices. These models are called MonoTri and are usually represented as a pi-equivalent model. Transformers and power lines have their MonoTri representation in this package.

In addition, multi-phase bus, bank and load models are also available here. The modelling of such devices is based, mainly, on the following works:

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Package Content

Name Description
OpenIPSL.Electrical.ThreePhase.Banks Banks Multi-phase capacitor bank models
OpenIPSL.Electrical.ThreePhase.Branches Branches Multi-phase and hybrid positive-sequence/three-phase lines and transformers
OpenIPSL.Electrical.ThreePhase.Buses Buses Multi-phase buses
OpenIPSL.Electrical.ThreePhase.Loads Loads Multi-phase load models
OpenIPSL.Electrical.ThreePhase.ThreePhaseComponent ThreePhaseComponent Partial model for inheritance of single-phase base power based on three-phase system base power.


Partial model for inheritance of single-phase base power based on three-phase system base power.


If the three-phase model deals with power, it is necessary to extand this partial model. It basically takes the system base power, which is a three-phase value, and calculates the per-phase base power. This is necessary for obtaining the correct per-unit values of current and voltages in a three-phase power system connected to a positive-sequence-equivalent system.

For instance, if the system base is 100 MVA, in a positive-sequence-equivalent grid, the phase base is 33.33 MVA.


Power flow data
S_bSystem base [VA]
S_pPhase base [VA]
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