Package with the test systems used in RaPId


This package contains examples used in different experiments of model agreggation and parameter identification using the Rapid Parameter Identification (RaPId) toolbox. Therefore, the user will find simulation systems, but also models that can be linearized.

The package uses mainly PSSE models for representing machines and exciters. The user will also find that some of the components have their disturbance sources connected to their input.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.ExamplesPackage (Icon for packages containing runnable examples).

Package Content

Name Description
OpenIPSL.Examples.RaPIdExperiments.Line_Aggregation Line_Aggregation Example systems used in line aggregation experiment
OpenIPSL.Examples.RaPIdExperiments.Generator_Aggregation Generator_Aggregation Example systems used in generator aggregation experiment
OpenIPSL.Examples.RaPIdExperiments.Mostar Mostar System with the original generator parameters for parameter identification

OpenIPSL.Examples.RaPIdExperiments.Mostar OpenIPSL.Examples.RaPIdExperiments.Mostar

System with the original generator parameters for parameter identification


This is a Single-Machine-Infinite-Bus (SMIB) system containing disturbances on the excitation system reference, in generation unit connected to bus 1. These disturbances allow the user to observe dominant dynamics from the excitation system that can be used to identify certain set of parameters.

Simulate the system for 20 seconds. Variables of interest are:

Note that the disturbance changes the measured voltage ECOMP, leading to a response from the excitation system control, which increases the output EFD. This disturbance shows the dynamic response of the excitation system and, therefore, enables parameter identification procedures to be run.

Extends from Modelica.Icons.Example (Icon for runnable examples).

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