IEEE 14-bus 5-machine test system package


This package contains a 14-bus 5-machine test system, representing a simple equivalent approximation for the American Electric Power System as of February of 1962.

In general, this system has low base voltages and an overabundance of voltage control capabilities, being ideal for testing such features.

The user might find a single test system in this package, but they are encouraged to duplicate the model and test fault events in different buses, together with different possible clearing times.

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Package Content

Name Description
OpenIPSL.Examples.IEEE14.IEEE_14_Buses IEEE_14_Buses IEEE 14-bus 5-machine base test system
OpenIPSL.Examples.IEEE14.Generation_Groups Generation_Groups Set of generation unit models used in IEEE 14-bus system

OpenIPSL.Examples.IEEE14.IEEE_14_Buses OpenIPSL.Examples.IEEE14.IEEE_14_Buses

IEEE 14-bus 5-machine base test system


This example is composed by the 14-bus 5-machine system representing an approximation of the American Electric Power system. Note that the network is also composed of 11 loads and that three machines are acting as synchronous condensers.

The system undergoes a three-phase-to-ground fault on Bus 4 at 1s, lasting for 200ms. Simulate the system for 10 seconds.

Variables of interest are the voltages in which the synchronous machines are connected:

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